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Gym That Caters to Children with Autism & Special Needs Opens in Baltimore, MD

July 7,2022

Baltimore, MD – June 29, 2022: We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym, an international children’s gym franchise, announces the Grand
Opening of its location: We Rock the Spectrum – Baltimore. The opening will be accompanied by a celebration on Saturday, July 9th
at the new gym, 9770 Groffs Mill Drive, Owings Mills, MD 21117, from 10am to 5pm. Families with children from all walks of life
will get to experience a breadth of sensory and physically beneficial activities within a safe, clean, and controlled environment.

We Rock the Spectrum is a franchise opportunity that provides sensory-safe play for kids with autism, special needs, and neurotypical
development. Each gym features twelve pieces of therapeutic equipment designed to work with many of the sensory processing issues
that children on the spectrum face, while providing all children with the sensory-diet necessary for improved learning and neurological
development. For example, the zip line helps children with vestibular sensations and sensory feedback, while allowing them to better
develop upper-arm and core strength. Each We Rock the Spectrum location offers unique classes, children’s day camp opportunities,
arts and crafts, additional pieces of play equipment, and more.

An autism mom from California, Dina Kimmel, is the CEO and Founder of We Rock the Spectrum. Kimmel opened the first gym in
Tarzana, California after her son was diagnosed with autism and she struggled to find a safe place where both her son and her daughter
(neurotypical) could go together. The motto for all We Rock the Spectrum gyms is “Finally a place where you never have to say
I’m sorry!” Under her leadership, WRTS facilities have been able to offer essential childcare for special needs families throughout
the COVID-19 pandemic.

Randi Delone is the new owner of We Rock the Spectrum – Baltimore. Randi and her
husband are the parents of two wonderful children – a 24-year-old son and a 16-year-old
daughter. Their journey began when their son was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3.
Doctors provided little hope or encouragement that he would be able to live independently
or even speak “I love you.” After much research and visits to other states, Randi and her
husband made the decision to relocate to Maryland to pursue the best quality of life for
him. Fast forward twenty years, Randi and her family have many experiences worth
sharing! Despite the odds, their son has since delivered his high school commencement
speech, earned his diploma, has lived on his own on a college campus, and says “I love
you” each day. During his upbringing, Randi dealt with many difficult situations that
many autism families face – defending or explaining behavior, stares and whispers, and
not feeling welcomed at recreational places. Once she came across We Rock the
Spectrum, she immediately knew that it was something she wanted to be a part of so she
could provide hope for those in her community that have had similar experiences. The
Smith-Delone family is beyond excited to bring this unique opportunity to so many
deserving families in the Baltimore community.

The celebration is open to children of all abilities. Children will be able to play with all the specialized equipment, including the
trampoline, swings, and the fan-favorite zip line. It will be held at 9770 Groffs Mill Drive, Owings Mills, MD 21117 on Saturday, July
9th from 10am to 5pm. Admission is $15 per person with treats and refreshments sponsored by non-profit organization My Brother
Rocks the Spectrum Foundation.

About We Rock the Spectrum: Founded in 2010, We Rock the Spectrum is an international franchise opportunity that provides
sensory-safe play for kids with autism, special needs, and neurotypical development. Each franchise location features twelve pieces of
uniquely designed therapeutic equipment that promote learning, development, and sensory-safe play. Learn more about the We Rock
the Spectrum franchise, its specialized equipment, and the various services it offers by visiting its corporate website

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